Resolution, Restraint and Rejuvenate through Yoga

Yoga comes from sankrit root, Yuj, meaning unity, unity of mind, body and soul. It is usually achieved or easier to achieve through entity of body. When body is in distress, people turn to ancient art of yoga. Yoga therapy aims in giving asanas with help of props to bring postural correction and thus remove body distress. This brings body discipline and results in discipline of mind. That is Yam and Niyama. Involuntary system, healthy diet and meditation follow with disciplined lifestyle.

To beware of the current situation of Covid 19 and considering present scenario, two things are very important Resolution and Restraint which our prime Minister also mentioned in this speech toward the nation. I would like to add one more Rejuvenate.

In this global crisis we have to achieve yoga though entity of mind, which is difficult but most powerful entity. Ones achieved it will benefit for long run, and will teach new aspects of life. Usually we make mind healthy through healthy body. From today we have to make body healthy with healthy mind. Healthy mind will create healthy body and better immunity.

Make a resolution to stay indoors, isolate and social distancing for betterment of the society. Practice yoga postures to maintain body fitness. Grab chance to eat healthy and home food. Utilise your creativity at the best.

Restrain your mind to stay home and safe for others. Stop temptation to go out and keep yourself updated through social media.

Rejuvenate through mediation and self-awareness. Meditation is empowerment. Charging us with peace, love, happiness and empowering others by passing that energy to others with love and happiness. Find yourself ‘ ME’ in this golden opportunity to stay home. Follow your heart, do what you love. Spend quality time with family and know more about them.

Please abide to government rules which are for betterment of the society.

Resolution, Restraint and Rejuvenation is true sign of YOGI..