Sun- Jeevan Yoga – A Sunjeevani to Human Race

World is facing global disaster; it is the most challenging period for whole humanity. We are facing most dreaded pandemic situation where we all must work together to stay fit and healthy for the sake of our race to survive. In this situation where it is our responsibility to evolve ourselves to the level where we will be giving inspiration to others, Sun-Jeevan yoga program has come up with Sunjeevani to humankind as a savior.

This program is especially designed by my Guru Acharya Yogananda, Dr. S. V Karandikar (MBBS), founder of Sun Jeevan Yoga Therapy and Director of Kabir Baug Math Sanstha, an eminent physician who is practicing medicine since 1962. He is a student of Yogacharya B.K. S Iyengar and practiced and studied  Yoga under him for twenty years.

Dr. Karandikar discovered different yoga postures to treat various diseases like Heart, lungs, orthopedic, mental and women diseases. These treatments are conducted in far flourished institute called Kabir Baug math sanstha. His aim was simple yoga postures supplemented  by different belts, straps, ropes, and pieces of furniture to cure patients who are suffering from various diseases. As on today he has treated more than one lakh patients in Kabir Bug Math Sanstha. He also initiated and designed post graduated diploma course for the period of two years which is conducted at Kabir Baug Math Sanstha Pune from where more than hundred students have passed until now. He believes yogic postures are very simple but should be taught and done under qualified yoga therapist.

Sun -Jeevan Yoga Therapy is designed using different props like bolster, pillow, blanket and belts in various yoga postures to allow each and every one without any age or gender bound to perform these postures with ease and gain full benefit of that posture. The following program designed by Acharya Yogananda Dr. S.V Karandikar emphasize on upper and lower respiratory in human body. The common symptoms of the COVID- 19 are cough, fever, tiredness and breathlessness. That means it is targeting respiratory system of the body which is most vital system in our body. Postures like Supt Virasana, Supt Badhkonasana, Viparit Dandasana work on chest and abdominal muscles to increase vertical, horizontal and anterio - posterior axis in the chest and abdomen, thus working on  intercostal muscles and diaphragm. Stretching of intercostal muscles and diaphragm will help expansion of rib cage and thus initiate expansion of lungs. This will create more space inside lungs, and according to the law of energy, more space will create low pressure and thus more air will flow from outside our body in, that is more oxygen will be inhaled and thus maximum carbon dioxide can be exhaled out.

This physiology will improve breathing capacity. Improved breathing capacity will improve supply of energy to all parts of the body which will result in improved immunity and mental state. This is a social distancing and isolation phase; positive and strong mental state is also equally important. Yoga is unity of mind, body and soul. Therefore, along with physical yoga postures, pranayama is also important. These pranayama techniques aim at expansion of chest and improve supply of energy to parts of the brain. Few pranayama techniques to do in this period are also mentioned below which aims at improving body and mental state.

In this program, there are also postures like Adhmukh Shwanasana, Viparit Karni, Shashankasana and Sarvangasana aiming to stretch posterior muscles, which improve health of the spine and also work as secondary muscles to assist primary chest muscles for respiration , increase blood supply to head and appendages of the body resulting in improved overall health, immunity and mental  state of the person.

Sun-Jeevan Yoga Therapy Program

1) Supt Virasana
2) Supt Badhkonasna
3) Viparit Dandasana
4) Sarvangasana
5) Adhmukh shwanasana
6) Viparit Karni
7) Setubanda
8) Shavsana

Pranayama Program

1) Ujjaini Pranayama
2) Anulom- Vilom

Sun-Jeevan Yoga Therapy is a revolution in this generation designed by Acharya Yogananda Dr. S.V Karandikar. This therapy is a thorough study of this generation action and reaction and possible solution to their distress. And therefore, it is proved to be the most successful therapy for rehabilitation, restoration and rejuvenation of human body and being.